Me vs Minimalism

Me vs Minimalism

The past weeks i’ve done quite a lot of soul searching, being away from all the designing and creativeness when it comes to hands on work, but at the same time spending a lot of hours gathering inspiration from around me and the web.

Instagram was the first big revelation. I’ve always saw myself in certain way. The idea of minimalism, how easy and effortless black and white is, less is more etc etc. But bringing all of that to my surroundings and capturing them in a certain way made me miserable at some points and discouraged. Let’s face it. I don’t live in a very minimal place, nor my surroundings are black, white and clean. It took literally everything from me to open my eyes and realise that it was time for me embrace the beautiful place i live in and see the way things are, instead of making them in the certain way i wanted.

I’m not quite sure if it’s because the minimalist kind of person is so in right now, but there’s a small kick i’ve been feeling towards it lately. Of course, i still appreciate a clean smart design, a perfectly balanced use of space and simple things. But the way we used to see minimalism, as in two years ago (so fascinated by it, remember?) is just not working anymore for me. I love colour, i love flowers and plants, pastels, reds and pinks. I love emotions, romance, ladies with red lips, grain instead of vector, textures instead of white and for now, that is what makes me happy.


raison d'être 

A reason for existing. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing what we love and what makes us happy, instead of going with the flow and what’s popular. ps. Major love goes to my little sister who put up with me putting red lipstick on her and taking shot after shot on our balcony a few minutes ago.

  • I have been a minimalist for so long now, which reflects both into my creative designs and my lifestyle choices. But I felt like almost restricted. Why could I not make/take a photo of/enjoy something that wasn’t “clean” or black and white?
    Summer has actually let me reflect upon what I like and what I enjoy. Since minimalism became a trend a couple of years ago, it’s become something associated only to black and white interior, minimal designs and perfectly planned Instagram flat lays. After a long time dealing with self frustration, I realised minimalism is what you make it. For me minimalism still involves colour, pattern but it’s just the way I (emphasise on the “I”) see it. For me minimalism involves all the simple, beautiful things in life. Be it pink, patterned, grained or whatever. It’s about balance 🙂

    • Love your thoughts on minimalism Daria! it is indeed a whole way of living that i still embrace and love, but i felt the same restriction. For some reason there where these boundaries that shouldn’t be there. Indeed, why wouldn’t we enjoy colour and patterns and lots of textured thingies? It is all about balance what works for us. For me, this post was a shoutout to how a lot of people see minimalism these days and that i was caught in this as well, but on my way to change course 🙂

  • It’s so funny how the net makes things out to be, for some reason people think being a minimalist means black and white lol. It’s actually a lifestyle choice of living in a minimal way, not buying or spending too much. I see bloggers call themselves minimalist, yet every post is about something new they bought, weird. Now minimal design I do like, in terms of not using too much stuff, but still that has nothing at all do with colors, etc.

    • That is very well said Noor! I’m still a minimalist at heart, minimal wardrobe minimal way of living, i love having few things that are of quality. But i’m so tired of the general minimal “style” that’s so popular right now. The typical black white marble thing

  • I read a book about a month ago called It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden, and in it there was a pie chart for creativity, and minimalism was the tiniest sliver. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but it’s something to think about. I think some people have really embraced the minimalist lifestyle and truly live it, but some people adopt it merely for the aesthetic. I think it’s awesome that you’re so conscious of your creativity and not adhering to an aesthetic or label and creating within those constraints 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you Audrey! That definitely puts it all under perspective. I still love the minimalist lifestyle – have always been a person of few things, not attached to them at all and striving for good quality items. But adopting it merely for the aesthetic and the awful replication that happens these days from blog to blog to Instagram accounts and images is what had me think twice and realise it wasn’t making me happy anymore

  • Love this little write up! I’ve never been one for minimalism for the exact reason your speaking about! There’s simply so much I love and it’s hard to be a minimalist when there is so much more to share and admire about the world. Such an interesting topic of discussion!

    • I can totally relate with you! It took me a little while to embrace that myself

  • I love this so much. I’ve been wanting to write something similar for my own blog about my feelings towards “minimalism” but this sums it up perfectly. We live in too beautiful of a world to only focus on the simple.

    • Beautifully said Sarah! I love enjoying the freedom to capture what my eye likes, and that’s the best!

  • Linda Dieschbourg

    I LOVE the fact that you wrote about this, Corina!

    I’ve been SO fed up with this overdose of minimalist aesthetics everywhere. As a designer, I find minimalism beautiful and balanced in designs and compositions, but I really do not find it inspiring or realistic when it’s infused in instagram’s posts of fake, so-called “curated” feeds of people’s lives. Even I often find myself frustrated with this because my feed doesn’t look perfect and so doesn’t my life or my surroundings. And I have a confession to make: I felt really crappy sometimes during my travels, when staying in places that are not “perfectly minimal” or “instagrammable”, sometimes not enjoying them to the fullest. Those places may have had rough wooden tables instead of crisp white countertops. They may have had old vintage kitschy china, or tacky curtains, or a lot of clutter or bad art that wasn’t any bit minimalistic and instead of embracing it, it just made me go NUTS and fear for my instagram feed, haha!! Isn’t it f*cked up that we have come to this point?

    Thankfully I managed to move past the bullshit and embrace all this beauty for what it really is. Beauty is not in minimalism, it’s in things and situations that have a real & honest story! Real life is grainy, it’s imperfect, it’s colorful and full of imperfections… and we are not meant to want to live in apartments with “white everything” just because it makes perfect shots. Something to keep in mind 🙂

    Today my instagram feed (Kinlake) is not looking perfectly harmonious and neutrally-color-organized anymore, but every shot now tells an honest story of what I really saw and experienced <3

    • Hah oh i love how honestly you wrote everything! Can totally see where you’re coming from, i was there myself! I think there is a time when we realise what’s good for us and what’s not! I still love styling my photoshoots and snaps on Instagram, and appreciate when people do it with a nice aesthetic as well on theirs.

      I definitely know that this isn’t their actual life, but it is a creative way to capture a beautiful scene. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us girl!

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  • Ana Degenaar

    I love this post. It brings a new light to the misconceptions of minimalism. Minimalism is more about being mindful than black and white aesthetics. There are several ways of being black and white and still be cluttered and messy. I wish more people understood what you do. xx

    • Thank you Ana! I’m so happy to hear that you found it interesting! You are on the top list of people i consider honestly minimalist, with something of quality to inspire!

  • Alycia

    I was also obsessed with the minimalist Instagram post and how irritatingly perfect peoples lives looked (and still do). But then I found the husband of this one woman I follow (she has a “perfect” Instagram board) and boy was I relieved. His pictures captured the real of their family and their home and whatnot. I loved his feed way better… it was so interesting. I still dabble in that minimalistic design but I’ll add pops of color and disorganization to add “realness” to my design. It’s fun. 🙂

    • Haha i totally see what you mean! On the other hand, i love people showing their best sides on Instagram, it feels so positive but of course when it doesn’t add pressure to have everything perfect. Oh because we do know that our lives are far from perfect !

  • mahfooz

    I love this post

  • Justyna Pindel

    Yes, yes and yes! It was great to read, Since a few weeks I’m discovering new ways of applying minimalism not only on a daily basis but also at work. I was surprised when I read about deploying minimalism into product design at Kanbanery. You can read about it here :

  • Danielle Hall

    This is me, right now. Constant battle with brights, playfulness v simplicity..form and tone, black/white etc. I feel that I am a bit of both in life and design, so why only take the one path?! Thanks for sharing x