Spent nearly 3 hours this morning, setting up a mini photoshoot in my office for this graphic concept i had in mind for todays TFL. Naturally, i ended up using that one first shot i took with my iPhone. Now that it came to actually write the post, my brain is a literal mush.


So here i am, lying on my bed watching the shadows of our beloved monstera dance in front of me as the wind blows on the curtains. The best kind of relaxation, power nap and inspiration all in one, is this. Letting your mind wonder to nothingness and notice every tiny sound. The leaves brushing each other, the bees and the warm sunlight on my skin. If you’re in a search of immediate inspiration, don’t look to far away. It is all around you.

May i even be turning into a moon designer these past months! Hadn’t done a totem in quite a while now and had completely forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic it was. I wanted this one to bring out a bit of vintage magical poster or a tarot card. From where i’m standing i don’t quite see it, but still find interesting the moon phases and the way i had in mind of the night sky while designing.

We saw some quite spectacular moons in August. Quite a few blood red moons from our yard and a magnificent full moon where we sat a photographed it all together. No candles or outdoor light was needed. The moon’s glow was turning the night into day.

Sending you all some positive vibes and the best for a great and powerful Monday!


Who would have thought, just a month would feel this big! My live in the moment technique definitely paid off. Looking back at the beginning of August, feels like it was 3 months ago. Boy, did i have a good time.

If anyone had a rough summer, then you would know how last year’s vacation felt to me. Such a bad time management, too many obligations, zero time for fun. And was this year a tough one? You bet it was! Therefore, a whole month of doing only the things i wanted (and not had to) was just what my soul needed.

First day in the office today, and i feel like a completely new me. Full of inspiration, more than any other time in my life that i can remember of. My head is spinning of ideas, colours, projects and scheduling posts. Surprisingly, i don’t feel guilty / embarrassed / horrified at the thought that i abandoned my once well scheduled and organised blog. I guess, that’s the feeling of doing something you deserved.

Here’s to a fresh new start to all you who are back from vacation and planning new exciting things for the year! It’s so good to be back with you 🙂

The past weeks i’ve done quite a lot of soul searching, being away from all the designing and creativeness when it comes to hands on work, but at the same time spending a lot of hours gathering inspiration from around me and the web.

Instagram was the first big revelation. I’ve always saw myself in certain way. The idea of minimalism, how easy and effortless black and white is, less is more etc etc. But bringing all of that to my surroundings and capturing them in a certain way made me miserable at some points and discouraged. Let’s face it. I don’t live in a very minimal place, nor my surroundings are black, white and clean. It took literally everything from me to open my eyes and realise that it was time for me embrace the beautiful place i live in and see the way things are, instead of making them in the certain way i wanted.

I’m not quite sure if it’s because the minimalist kind of person is so in right now, but there’s a small kick i’ve been feeling towards it lately. Of course, i still appreciate a clean smart design, a perfectly balanced use of space and simple things. But the way we used to see minimalism, as in two years ago (so fascinated by it, remember?) is just not working anymore for me. I love colour, i love flowers and plants, pastels, reds and pinks. I love emotions, romance, ladies with red lips, grain instead of vector, textures instead of white and for now, that is what makes me happy.


raison d'être 

A reason for existing. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing what we love and what makes us happy, instead of going with the flow and what’s popular. ps. Major love goes to my little sister who put up with me putting red lipstick on her and taking shot after shot on our balcony a few minutes ago.

There’s something magical about the golden hour indeed. Put a sunset by the ocean, and you get one of the best moments in your life. Memories like this one are of those that you look back and feel so happy.

Nothing but the waves of the sea, the sun setting down and taking this beautiful orange shade and the water so warm and soft. The past week we’ve been chasing more and more sunsets as it’s way too hot to get out in the mornings. We have yet to visit my favourite beach where the suns sets right in the sea, but got a couple of weeks of vacation left in front of me, so i’m holding tight for this one.

The lovely people from Mejuri, sent me these two gorgeous rings that i got to pick for which we did this photoshoot. I’m not one to wear a lot of jewelry, but give me black diamonds and the most delicate pieces and i’m all over them!



Black Diamonds Ring & Beaded Ring




Download Wallpaper Here