When Roses Die

When Roses Die

This is what happens when i pretend to have a green thumb. Nope, i don’t kill roses. They died after living a long happy life in Theo’s garden. As i was cutting them they looked way to lovely to throw away. Capturing this stage of them, has been my favourite scan of them all.

There’s something about that blush and yellow combination, the delicate romance, and even the smell of them! Not strong but subtle and soft. They always smell so much like summer to me.




  • Despite the fact that the roses are dead, they show life, maybe even in more real ways than perfect roses all bright and plastic 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I love your experimental scans! This is so fantastic, C. The ones with your hands in the frame.. gorgeous! What a beautiful way to bring new life to these roses. I recently had a few roses to die and I don’t want to throw them away!

    • Thank you so much T!! You could dry them up and frame them!! I’ve always found it so creative and beautiful <3

  • I love your floral scans! I’ll have to experiment more with my scanner and see what I can create.

    • Thank you so much Monica! The possibilities are endless!

  • Amy Ding

    I would love to read a post or even pay for a class about your scanning! Such a beautiful technique. love from nyc xx <3

    • Thanks so much Amy! I wish there was much to share about it! It’s actually a simple scan with an open lid 🙂

      • Amy

        love it! keep up the beautiful work. your blogs and projects have been an amazing source of inspiration for me 🙂

        • That’s so sweet of you to say 🙂
          Thank you once again!

  • Beautiful. And I agree about the smell of dead roses, how it’s soft and earthy with a hint of life.

    • That’s exactly it! Thank you Cassandra 🙂