It’s been a week since i last posted, and have to say this time i don’t feel guilty at all! I’m at last on a very needed summer vacation for a whole month and all i’ve been doing this week was chilling!

Looking back to this year, we’ve done so many new things! New house, shop, courses, websites redesign and worked on numerous exciting new projects with clients. As i always say September feels like a the beginning of the year and here i am recharging my batteries for another thrilling one.

Ideally i would have guest posts, or a team creating posts for me, but as this is a personal blog i’ll be checking in and sharing our adventures this summer. You can catch up with Instagram and Snapchat (corinanika) were i get to share most of it.

Hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful summer. Hey, it’s almost August, crazy right?

Boy another week passed by! Working on slowing down time over here but on a busy week like this one, it was simply impossible. Great new is, most of my projects are wrapped up, and today is the last day in the office. A whole month of joy and relaxation awaits, with a couple of personal projects here and there.

It’s been quite a while since i did a WIW, so i dolled up and hit the road with Theo for another epic sunset. Moments like these, remind me that no matter how your schedule looks like, a change of scenery, a stroll outdoors can calm you like nothing else.





For my photoshoot today, i picked this gorgeous blush set by my dearest friend Anna-Rosa from My Life Box. We’ve known each other for quite a few years and i’ve always admired how passionate and in love she is with what she does. Her collection has been a great hit worldwide and i couldn’t be more honoured to wear her statement necklace and bracelet.

It’s one of the pieces that you want to touch (they’re so soft!) and wear nothing else to show around your statement pieces. You can find her shop on Etsy, as well as her Eshop. Plus, Anna-Rosa is so kind to give us a 20% off code. Just use COCORRINA on any of her shops.

Hope you’ll all enjoy your weekends! Vacation just begun!







This is what happens when i pretend to have a green thumb. Nope, i don’t kill roses. They died after living a long happy life in Theo’s garden. As i was cutting them they looked way to lovely to throw away. Capturing this stage of them, has been my favourite scan of them all.

There’s something about that blush and yellow combination, the delicate romance, and even the smell of them! Not strong but subtle and soft. They always smell so much like summer to me.




I feel like i have this love affair with the moon since the beginning of the week. We spent hours last night in the darkness taking pictures of the stars and playing with a flashlight and the cameras shutter. Ah these summer moments!

This picture was taken as the moon peaked from the mountain and the sun was ready to leave. iPhone shot, super zoomed, super blurry but i just love these colors and had to do something with it. Giving a wreathy hug to the moon we will all see tonight, from all places around the world.

Aren’t we always battling with time? Wish the day had more hours, wish summer didn’t end so fast. But it’s not time that’s racing, it’s us. The one big thing i learned while meditating for a month now, is how we never live in the now. Instead, we live in the how crazy my schedule is tomorrow, what i’ll do this weekend, reliving past events, dreaming future ones, but hardly ever what we’re actually doing this very moment.

Haven’t we always said how slow time goes by when we’re bored. Where guess what, that’s because you don’t think of anything else but the time. You’re focusing in the now, and that’s what slows things down. Pay more attention to your actions, when you walk, walk. When you cook, cook. Observe the colors, smells and how things feel.

If you think you don’t have the time for what you want to do, make some time for it. Change your priorities and just forces your wants in your schedule.

How convenient actually, that i’m doing a post on Instagram today for Nicole Vienna, where we made some time midweek to watch the sunset at the beach and snap a few pictures.

These are last night’s 1am thoughts while catching up with Instagram. Oh how time goes by so fast, i thought. Waking up to the sad news of France this morning was heartbreaking. My heart is heavy, but my thoughts are with you.