This is probably the latest i’ve ever posted! Almost 11:30pm over here and this cover right here my friends, is the night time nonsense. I call it “i’ve got leaves under my long sleeves”. Definitely not a night owl here, but i loved experimenting freely on this piece – there’s something about it (the weirdness? how absurd it is?) that i like. It’s a crazy week (crazier than you can imagine) and a night time creative outlet was perfect for the occasion.

There’s this contract thing that keeps popping in front of me the past few weeks, that i really wanted to share with you. All freelancers who haven’t been paid for a project, or have had a miscommunication / bad experience with a client, raise your hands. I bet i can count quite a few.

For me, a contract is a base for a perfect collaboration, which is why i keep updating mine every time i spot a flaw or have a collaboration that doesn’t turn right as i want it.

Below, i’m sharing a small part from my Courses “Branding Process”, where i have a whole section analysing what makes a good contract. There’s a midsummer sale going on as well, in case you want to learn a bit more about branding process from start to finish.

All designers work in different ways, therefore they tailor their contracts depending on their way of process. Some, have the impression that the contract is created in order to cover the client and the designer. Which is true, but in more detail, the contract, is tailored based on the designers’ way of working, their process, their needs and their rules are displayed in a contract to clear out the whole branding process from start to finish and let your client know all about it. Contracts should cover pretty much everything you can imagine.  This is a very crucial part so think of every little detail.

Breaking down a contract;

Rights & Ownership

In rights and ownership, let your client know and commit that all the design work you are creating is exclusively for them, will not be replicated, and they will have all the rights to use their brand identity design as they wish. This is a commitment for you, that is protecting not only the client, but your work as well. In case of replication of your work by any other brand or designer, this contract proves that your work is original and belongs to your clients.



..One of my favourite parts right here, is setting up the base for the communication between you and your client. Think through all the parameters. Hours you can be reached, when you can be reached, delays, when your client should be getting back to you, skype calls, and preferable ways of communication. The more you analyse this part, the better you two will be on track of your project.

The communication way that works best for me, is via email. Skype dates can be scheduled, but there is only such little time in a day, and skype calls can get long. Very long! What i like even more, is that everything is written down for you to keep track of the conversation and be able to go back again and again. In addition, while writing down thoughts and feedback, your client gets to really think about what they truly want to see. Make them put some time and work on their feedback, you’ll see it will be the most accurate…



One of the biggest sections in your contract, that you should put a lot thought to. In this section, you will need to refer from methods of payment, to the waiting list, downpayment, when each payment needs to be made etc.

What i’ve figured out works best and protects my work, is having a downpayment of 50% in order to reserve a spot in my waiting list, and then the final 50% payment happens at the beginning of the process. Some designers prefer having the final 50% at the very end before handing the final files and, that was something i tried for a while, until a few bad cases of clients disappearing on me… 



…Think about the ways your clients could get a refund. What if they change their mind, what if they don’t like your work etc. All the worst case scenarios. If you are on a waiting list, consider also the fact that they are taking the spot of a project that you might could be working on…


Files & History

Lastly, i’ve included a section stating for how long you will be able to store your files, how long the dropbox link will be active (for the final files). Between you and me i’ve been keeping all my works for the past years. You never know what happens, and so it did. My hard rive broke in January, and i lost pretty much everything i had ever created. Some i had to redesign (can you even imagine that?) but for what it’s worth, i’m glad my contract states storing a year!


The final things that i include in the contract are the dates, project and price descriptions, names and signatures. It is super easy to sign your contracts with Adobe Acrobat and have a signature installed in, so prompt your clients to use it in order to avoid scanning or taking pictures.

Happy new week friends! Hope you all had a great one!

Let me start this post by saying that i’m not sponsored by Korres or Apivita, i’m just crazy obsessed with these two brands. About a year ago, i started reading all the labels on my beauty products, realising how much chemicals i was putting on my body. Ever since yoga came into my life, i became more and more interested in staying healthy, eating well and taking care of myself more. When you’re a freelance designer, this is pretty essential in order to stay sane. I know you’ll get what i mean.


And with that, i thought i’d let you in to some of my favourites. I haven’t done a post like this in years (boy how does time fly?!) so had a little fun today shooting my most precious. These are just 5 products out of 20 i own, but are the ones i use on a daily basis. What really did the trick and made me switch all of them, was reading an article about animal abuse.


I already knew all about it, but seeing pictures, just made me cry rivers. In no way do i want animals to suffer just for me to get a cheaper product which has easier access. It’s so easy – and not even that expensive – to start adding healthier products into your cabinet, and those furry friends you love, will live a better life.



I know there must be thousands of organic products out there, those in the States and Uk are the more privileged! Due customs regulations and a very small market over here, i’m full of Korres and Apivita. But that’s totally cool as i’m crazy about those two.


Have discovered a love for olive lately. My face scrub, hair conditioner (no wash), body oil, and a few others are all olive based, and i don’t think i’ve ever smelled a better scent than that! My cleanser foam is with white tea, and i recently got this face brush from another Greek brand, that i use every morning with my foam and it just makes me feel 5 years younger.


Would love to hear if you have any recommendations for products, i’m always excited to try something new. I’ve got my eye currently on Glossible, which still doesn’t ship to Europe, so fingers caressed they will soon!



Will literally shower you with flowers today! On a very quick creative moment, i grabbed my camera and took a few shots of these lovely bougainvilleas our neighbours have.

Was instantly in love with the watermelon-y color on my desktop and iPhone so i felt the need to spread the joy! I’m a bit too lazy today to edit these in proper dimensions, so i’m uploading them in high res. They’ll work on both iPhone and any screen resolution. Please do try the iPhone – i looks amazing!

download the photo on the side

(without lettering)

Download Wallpaper here

Download Wallpaper here

Download Wallpaper here

It’s Monday and for the first time i’m having a really hard time accepting it! This weekend was everything i ever imagined and more. From being spontaneous, to do doing things out of the ordinary like driving for 2 hours to have a breakfast by the sea and jumping from cliffs to swim in the deepest waters in the stormiest weather.

This weekend, also inspired me to change some of my ordinary way of thinking. Me and i bet you, are also waiting for the perfect moment to do something magical – something that will make you feel special. We see all these perfect lives on instagram, the most perfect food, luxurious breakfasts, trips and people having the time of their lives. Always assuming that they’re just lucky to do that and we have zero time for any of it.

Truth is, you don’t need much to create your own magic in your lives. This morning, after my morning meditation and yoga, i treated myself to some berries right after swimming in the pool 9am. Yes, i am lucky to have a pool – but don’t for a second think that i ever take advantage of it. Lost in my crazy life, i hardly ever notice it. I chose to make my morning magical though. Like, waking up an hour earlier to bake yourself pancakes on a weekday with some fresh juice and flowers on the table or instead of staying in the weekend, try doing something you’ve never done but always wanted to.

We’re all too wrapped up in what we think we have to do, that we forget what we can do. Live a little!

There are two things i’m mostly obsessed about. Cats and hair. Ever since i started this blog, i would write once a year about all the things i’ve discovered obsessing about hair. I guess it’s an annual thing now!

For someone who spends so much time on her head, i was never blessed with the most luscious locks. More like struggling most of my life, thus the annual posts over here.

Last summer, i did the ultimate thing that completely destroyed my precious ones. From a bad hairdresser to the other, i started by adding some highlights and ended dying my hair 5 times in 1 month. At the end of August, i would loose so much hair that i had to visit a dermatologist where i ended up crying out of stress.

After trying pretty much everything, every single product i could put my hands on (vitamins, masks, oils etc) i finally understood that it’s the simplest things that work like magic. I’m kinda proud of myself today, as my hair has never looked better, longer and healthier.


Original lady portrait by Ernesto Artillo


The first thing that really blew my mind was when my dermatologist suggested trying a lighter shampoo from the pharmacy. I started with a Vichy one and i was surprised to find out that, for such an expensive shampoo, after washing my hair they felt dry, dump and i just wasn’t able to untangle them. Not the best first impression right? Later on i transitioned to my favourite Korres, where i got the same results. Gave it one final shot with Apivita with no luck at all.


Every time i used Pantene or L’Oreal it was like bam! As if i just had stepped out of a hair salon. And then it just hit me. The main difference between Pantene and Apivita, is that the one is organic and uses natural ingredients and the other one doesn’t. I know it’s not a huge revelation to many of you, but it struck me on how many chemicals the non organic shampoos use, in order to make your hair look so healthy. Which by the way, makes the same damage if you iron your hair everyday if not worse. So basically, by using a lighter organic shampoo, your hair gets washed, but they don’t lie – they show their natural situation – which in my case was at its worst.


A few months later, and i feel like i was on a detox, and so hooked on organic hair products right now. After every wash they look healthier and healthier, with all the chemicals slowly going out of my system



There are small things that i read about for quite a while, but wasn’t able to implement in my hair routine until it was needed. Not washing my hair every day was the first one! I could really go crazy if my hair wasn’t freshly washed or felt even just a little oily. And to be fair, they were very oily after just one day. I started slowly by skipping a day, and now i’m a proud 2 times a week washer. Not only my hair doesn’t oil as much as it used to, but i can go up to 4 days now and they still look as good as day 1.


The basic idea here (i know you’ve already heard it but..) is that the oil that your scalp produces is essential for hair growth and health. So by washing them frequently, you remove that oil and your hair gets dry. So easy, don’t wash it, use dry shampoo when needed. I give it another boost every now and then with some olive oil massage and leave it in for the rest of the day. I’m usually staying home so that’s a piece of cake. Lastly, i add some hair oil at the tips after every wash.




Get yourself a good brush that doesn’t tangle your hair, avoid blow dryer – or blow dry with cold air as i do – and drinks loads of water. Water by the way is the best thing for your whole body. You can ask Theo how ridiculous i look with a huge bottle of water in my arms every where i go. But really, it works. Like magic!

Have been dying to share this project with you for so many months now! This new passion i discovered with patterns last year, is turning me into a complete pattern freak! So when Melissa from Gallivant State contacted me about creating a set of patterns for her new brand, i said yes without thinking twice!

Battuta Shortboard Bag in Jewel Cream

Battuta Longboard Bag in Mimosa Blue
Battuta Longboard Bag in Mimosa Blue


The Drifter Collection i collaborated with Gallivant State was inspired by traditional tiles. I am so drawn to those, you know i am! I did some researching and wanted to create a combination of traditional designs with a pop of color. You’ll find Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese influences.

It’s a whole different thing seeing your pattern on illustrator, and then on actual fabric. There’s no better feeling than that! Love the attention to quality, with the leather details both in Surf Bags and Tote Bags (how cute are those?!)


Battuta Tote Bag in Jewel Cream


Once again, i probably spent much more time than needed on this piece. But oh it was so worth it! One that is good for the soul you know? Who doesn’t want to work on roses, hummingbirds and dreamy ladies with flowers on their hair?

Now if only our wallpapers could support gif, i would so love to her blinking at me every time i check my desktop. She inspired me to have summer on her hair, as all day i’ve been listening to little birds singing outside my window and the sun is shining. I know if i wanted to have flowers on my head, i’d want some lemons too – those that won’t fall though.

Download wallpaper here

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