Although i was raised in my family of wine lovers, with rare wines in our wine cellar, i’ve never been too much of a fan myself. Not a fan of alcohol in general but this year i guess being 27 means i’m evolving to a woman who enjoys her wine in the evenings. My dad will be so proud ahah.

So as if you needed one more reason to drink more wine, it’s actually good for your health! No wonder why i took my first sip at the age of six. I’m practically a superwoman! All joking aside, at a balanced diet and drinking at small quantities, it is said that wine helps you remember more and decreases risk of heart disease as it helps prevent clots and reduces blood vessel inflammation.

Even crazier to believe, drinking daily helps you have a lower body mass, boosts your body defences, builds better bones, prevents any blood sugar trouble and with that, a glass of wine sounds like an excellent idea for a Tuesday evening!

  • I’ve been a wine drinker since college days. We would go to one of the bars in front of school to have a glass of wine, when we had a free period. The tradition started after a literature class where we studied Dionysus/Bacchus. 🙂
    In Brazil we usually drink cold wine (weird, yes, but wait until I tell you how our hotdogs look like -and Americans always think it’s so weird that we eat pizza with ketchup + mustard on top).
    To this day, I still prefer cold wine. And when the wine is too strong, I add some Sprite to it. ????????

    • I prefer cold wine too! I had no idea not everyone prefer it cold – if a wine is not cold it’s not good wine i say hah

  • Verbalgoldblog

    Thanks for giving me an excuse to drink more wine! Love it

    • ahahah the more you drink the better ahahah

  • haha yes!