Although i was raised in my family of wine lovers, with rare wines in our wine cellar, i’ve never been too much of a fan myself. Not a fan of alcohol in general but this year i guess being 27 means i’m evolving to a woman who enjoys her wine in the evenings. My dad will be so proud ahah.

So as if you needed one more reason to drink more wine, it’s actually good for your health! No wonder why i took my first sip at the age of six. I’m practically a superwoman! All joking aside, at a balanced diet and drinking at small quantities, it is said that wine helps you remember more and decreases risk of heart disease as it helps prevent clots and reduces blood vessel inflammation.

Even crazier to believe, drinking daily helps you have a lower body mass, boosts your body defences, builds better bones, prevents any blood sugar trouble and with that, a glass of wine sounds like an excellent idea for a Tuesday evening!

First of all, let me start by thanking you for sharing your thoughts in the last post. It’s so comforting seeing that our minds click and that at the end of the day quality wins quantity once again.

You might have heard, but boy it’s so exciting to finally, officially share it with you! Courses is expanding with new topics, and i’ve got the lovely Latrina, teaching how to take better pictures, in the Photography Course. From iPhone to DSLR, she’s covering everything about exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO even how to edit your images. She could have written a whole book about photography!

Also, after numerous requests, the One Week Design Courses has split into different topics, and now you can choose from Hand Lettering, Branding Process and Layout Design. The Bundle of all three still remains intact for those who’re looking for a designer’s retreat!

Already working on the next course that will come next, “How to Discover your Signature Style”.

Hope you all get some needed rest this weekend. I for sure need some sleep!

You may have noticed that the past month i’m not as strict on my posting schedule as i was a few months ago. To be quite honest, this is something that i feel heavy on my heart. Spending those 2-3 hours a day to connect with you, work on a small, fun, personal project and share my thoughts is everything i  live for. My love for the blogging world is indescribable.

From the beginning of this year though, something with my schedule hasn’t just been right for me. Too many projects working at the same time, so little time for fun. At a point i felt like i lost myself somewhere in there. Being so tired 24/7 has been a rude awakening that things need to change. You remember, i kept saying if you burn yourself there’s no way you can stay creative. But at the same time, if  you create daily, you keep fueling your creativity. The silver line is so thin, you can loose it just like that.

Anyways, aside me pouring my heart here, i’ve been noticing a lot how everyone lays low on the Monday – Friday posting. Did a quick poll on Twitter not long ago and surprisingly the majority posts 2-3 times nowadays. Our lives have quicker paces more and more and there’s less time to read and write.

Still, blogs are such a big part of our lives for pretty much everything; inspiration, food, style. I still want to maintain at least 4 days a week, but i wanted to hear your thoughts so much on this topic!


Happy new week dear friends! Hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, as i was taking in the gorgeous sea at last, i saw this cool lady with some awesome tattoos and thought to myself, i wanna be like her. So i started considering what would i want to tattoo on my body next.

Besides a simple totem, that someday i will have the time to design for myself, i thought; cats! I’ve had this growing obsession with cats that simply gets crazier and crazier. Having a kitty tattoo just made me so freakin happy. So, i’m thinking of designing a simple line kitty probably on her back or jumping. Todays’ downloadable is my quick practise on drawing kitties! Aren’t they adorable?


download here

Happy Kitty 1 | Happy Kitty 2 


Oh goodness!! We start and end this week with brand new beginnings! A lot of sleepless nights and a bit of wine but we finally got there and now we’re ready for vacation. Well almost.. but i earned two months this summer for sure!

With tears in my eyes and super emotional, i’m presenting you *drumroll* our shop!! We’ve worked on quite a few things (i just couldn’t settle for just prints – you know me!). As with all new things, i still have to work out on how to make shopify take high res images, but most of it is done and there!

Hell yeah!





Everything you see was shot in Santorini and i bet now you can tell why i chose this location! There’s a lot more of the lookbook in the shop, where you can see all the beautiful locations we shot.

Can’t wait to hear what are your favourite items! I’m pretty excited about the jewellery + notebooks. Oh and the tees! And did you know Theo is the man behind the marble candles?! I seriously need to contain my excitement. Everything is so new and it’s totally one of those cases where you have butterflies in your stomach!










First of all, i am so freaking happy with all your feedback on the new look! I’m warmed with all your love – you have no idea how important it was for you guys to like it. I’ve changed this place so much around the past years, and wanted it to do it for once right and better!

So last Saturday, we had our first mini adventure with the hubby just the two of us at the Myrtos beach. We hadn’t had the chance to visited places this year that were not close to us, mainly due to our schedule. As you understand, this was big! The sun was warm enough to wear a bikini and sunbathe and dress like an island princess!




Can i get a little crazy about how awesome the Page Builder is on WordPress? This is my first post that i get to play around with the images and text as we designed and i’m so in love! Now, at some point, i need to go back to all 500 something posts and edit them all the same way. This should be really fun!


There was a lot of hat grabbing in this shoot, and soooo many bloopers – i need to share with you some time. Although the weather was awesome, there was too much wind for a hat and pants like those. Let’s just say, that a lot of people stared as i was giggling, running up and down the beach and playing with the waves. “That silly tourist girl has never seen a beach in her life” i bet they thought.



You have probably figured out that i’m collaborating with the awesomeness Cluse for this post! They were cool enough to send me two watches that i have utterly fallen in love with. I you haven’t worn a mesh watch before, you should, like now. They’re so elegant, and even more comfy! This should be really fun! Not to mention how well they photograph! It took me all morning to pick out these images out of 300! 


I may have sent a card to my mom, but I’ll be definitely winning the best daughter title for this years Father’s Day. My dad saw these watches and he was like, i need them! I’ve got a very stylish dad don’t i?



Where do i even begin! Guys, this is so happening right now and i’m totally peeing my pants! I finally got the design of my dreams, exactly how i imagined it, exactly how i designed it, for the first time, no template based, nothing. Pure perfect custom designed just for me.

You’ll see so many things changed, and what i originally wanted, was this template to be a bit more interactive, more interesting. And voila! We’ve got a main menu, we’ve got a footer menu (that you can close + open), beautiful pages, contact, an infinity scroll and lots of focus and love to the graphics / images. We’re working on a few glitches, like comment count and archives, if you spot anything, shoot me an email!

Can i gush a bit by how happy i am with how everything looks right now? It feels like such a perfect fit for me. A MAJOR thank you to Jacob, who’s my official developer from now on. We’ll be working on all website development together from now on. I’ve never met a person more patient, knowledgable and so punctual! We’ve got a handful of websites to build in the next months, and i can’t wait to share with you!

This is going to be a huge week in my life. New blog, opening the shop AND refreshing Courses  with a few new lessons coming in a week! So happy to have Latrina on board, who will be teaching you photography. And very soon a newer lesson by yours truly on how to find your personal style.

Stay tuned, things are getting exciting over here!

ps. i how about a folk floral wallpaper to start your Monday? i kinda love making patterns these days