Happy November everyone! First week of November, and we have the first sunny warm day. Not quite fitting for the month, but i’ll take it any day. Lately a day like that seems more inspiring and energetic to me, although i still do like my moody weathers!

As every year, a tradition already, with only one month left for 2015 (what?!) i’ve worked on this new year’s printable ’16 calendar. Gold and black this year! I figured gold can print nicely on just about any paper, so i think it’ll look perfect on your desks and walls!

And now that Halloween is over -btw hope you had an awesome time!! We spent all weekend sitting on the couch – i couldn’t be more ready for Christmas!! I could start putting up the Christmas tree right away! Our big palm tree in the living room died last week, so there’s a nice spot there that needs to be filled asap.

Here’s a gold year for all of us!

2016 Calendar