A few days ago, i was tagged by Vanessa to share a bit from my creative process. It’s a subject i’ve already talked about in previous posts, but it’s always fun to give it another go and see how much or if i’ve changed at all. Ok, here i go

What are you working on?

Currently i’ve got my plate full with tones of different projects. From lettering for big companies, branding fashion companies, personal brandings and lookbooks. Wedding stationary, and designing wedding props and decorations for an online shop. Working life’s really exciting and full right now. There’s not a lot of time for any personal projects, but i’m completely ok with it. I’ve the blog to be playing with my daily creativity dose.

How does your work defer from others of it’s genre? 

No two designers can be the same. The taste, style will always defer. I tend to creative clean, textured designs. But i’m always evolving, and always changing, so it never stays the same. I believe it gets better and better. I’m really passionate about lettering (duh!) which is always unique to each of us. I’d describe my style a little bit darker, moody, but once a chameleon, always a chameleon. I’m able to adapt depending on the project. Could go from something high fashion, to something very simple and professional in a sec.

Why do you design / create what you do?

It’s what makes me happy. As simple as that! I’ve been asked a lot about what i would do if i wasn’t designing, and honestly i have no idea. The time and effort i’ve put to developing as a designer, i don’t think i’d ever do for anything else. Singers sing, write songs to express what’s in their minds and souls. Design is that kind of release and expression for me.

How does your design process work?

It defers from project to project. With hand lettering i drink some juice, relax, take a breath, put some music on, and start writing like a lunatic. Seriously, if only you could see me at some point. Like a mad scientist or a passionate painter creating art.

When it comes to brandings after my client has filled in a small questionnaire i give, we start working on the moodboard. Lots of ideas coming and going. Then the sketching process comes, where i put all my ideas on paper, and more new are born on the way. Then i keep the best of them, and start bringing them to life on my computer. Then the first presentation is sent to the client, and after that there’s a lot of discussion, changes, corrections. And bam. A new logo is born.

I’ll be tagging Latrina and Miranti to share their stories as well.