That’s right! So, i had the honor to give an interview for Kefalonia Today, the most popular news website on the island. Should i even describe how happy i felt? I even had a photoshoot for it which also made everything so much special to me! The interview is mainly about my jewelry design and… Read more »

That’s right! So, i had the honor to give an interview for Kefalonia Today, the most popular news website on the island. Should i even describe how happy i felt? I even had a photoshoot for it which also made everything so much special to me! The interview is mainly about my jewelry design and i made my husband translate it for you guys! Hope you’ll like it! 
Cocorrina the on-line jewelry shop from Cephalonia island a window to the world
Korina Nika is a jewelry maker and a graphic designer. She left Athens and came to Cephalonia for a new start. Let’s meet her.

Good morning Korina, how come and you picked Cephalonia for your new start in life?
Good morning! Cephalonia was always one of our favorite summer destinations, because it is also my husband’s family origin. Everyday life in Athens was a big headache for us and we were looking for better quality in our lives, some countryside plus peace and quiet. Therefore a few months ago we made this decision to start permanent “vacation” in Cephalonia.
Was jewelry making your hobby?
The truth is that it wasn’t and it was never meant to be. I had the impression that an elegant handmade jewelry, something that I would enjoy wearing, should be something made out of gold or silver, therefore, something difficult to create in the eyes of an average person, because of the knowledge and skills that one must possess in order to create one. However, beyond my ways of expressing on paper as a graphic designer, I developed a need to express my aesthetics in the world of fashion as well, which I also love. I found out that to create something beautiful it didn’t only take knowledge and skills, but also creativity, inspiration and good taste.

Where did the idea to make it your profession came from and moreover, to sell your handmade jewelry over the internet?
I always enjoyed the idea of being able to work from home and moreover to own an online store. It was something I always wanted to accomplish. There is a webpage, which is widely known worldwide. Unfortunately here in Greece, only a few people know of its existence. We could say that it is something like eBay, but with major difference that it is a community that only handmade or vintage products are being sold. It works like this: Sellers and artists from all over the world, create a user account – online shop – out of which, they sell their creations.So I always carried the idea in my head to open an online shop within the Etsy community. A shop that would contain wishing cards and posters that I would have created. The only problem back then is that I could never find some spare time make this happen. So after the jewelry creation idea came to me, I knew I had to open my online store, and familiarize my products to a global audience, who they would enjoy and purchase.

What are the main materials you use for your creations and how you put all of that together in order to get the right result every time?
I always found myself to endorse simple styles and clean lines. The accessories on the other hand, must follow the same fundamental logic, but also be able to stand alone dynamically, as a work of art.Therefore, I basically use golden base (chains and accessories) along with rubber cord. The combination of these two; the luxury of gold and the simplicity of rubber, plus strands as the dominant element, “tied up together” they create an absolute balance and purity for a dynamic accessory.   

Your creations are handmade with love and special care. Do you also create custom made jewelries or sizes, if asked so by a customer?
All bracelets (bangles) are made with the “size” matter into consideration. This way their size can be adjusted according to different size wrists. Necklaces can also be slightly adjusted. However, the length of the necklace cannot be altered, for a very simple reason; Each and every one of them is designed to suit a specific style. Colors on the other hand are chosen by me according to fashion trends. Nevertheless, while basic color shades are changing, there is a variety of colors from colorful to neutral, to fit all tastes.

Do you tend to give names to your creations?
I don’t give specific names to my creations, no. However there are plenty of terminologies that are used in order to describe them. For example, the word “braided” which means strand, stands for all my jewelry; or for the necklaces, the phrase “statement necklace” describes the term dynamic accessory that stands alone as a work of art, like I mentioned before.

Are all your jewelry for women?
I’ve been asked again in the past if I could create accessories for men too. Besides that I am inspired only by women fashion, so far at least, I am a woman myself therefore I couldn’t now what men would possibly like. So the answer is yes, I design especially for women of any age.

The “explosion” in the social media is already done. Do you think that spending a great amount of time with the social media is something that has to be done? Have the social media helped you promote your work?
When someone is targeting a worldwide community, the only way to be promoted is only through social media. Truly, it takes a lot of time. As you mentioned “spending a great amount of time”; and I would add “even more”.  What I have been taught the last few years is that nobody will ever find you without a little help from your behalf. You have to move some strings and show the world, that you are out there too and even advertise yourself on your own. All these endless hours spend into social media; sometime they will payback, as proven in my case at least. As soon as my online opened, people showed immediate correspondence, and be assured that this didn’t happen over a night.

Besides creating jewelry, what else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy doing a lot of things and most of the times, all at the same time!! Besides the shop, I spend a lot of time with my blog that is all about design, fashion and in general things that inspire me. Also, when I live outside the world of internet, I enjoy working with typography, designing stationary and posters.

Did you enjoy any movie lately?
I am a huge fan of the movies, and lately I have seen quite a few that I enjoyed. But there is a special place for Marvel in my heart, which released 2 of my most favorite movies for this year. The Amazing Spiderman and the Avengers!!

What are your plans for this weekend?
I just saw the weather forecast for this weekend and it will be a rainy one. This weather for me is ideal!! Home, warm clothes, a hot chocolate and definitely a book or a good movie.